Artist bio

Je$ embodies ideals which society locks away in the daylight. Her early life was lead with her mothers words, "Never be afraid to spread your wings and fly high." As a child this motto was just part of her day, but soon Je$ began to draw strength from helping others through their struggles. To teach them that they are not alone in their emotions and hardships, and neither was she. At this point, her mothers words became her self law.

As a young adult Je$ grew her wings in the form of music, preferring the styles  of Alternative Rock and the ever present Urban scene found near her hometown of Golden Valley, MN. A deep-rooted love set in. Even so, nothing was the same as the way she felt when she went to her first concert. The adrenaline, scent, and sound; it felt like home.


Now an adult, Je$ works to inspire those who hear her music and help them know, you are not alone. To inspire and be there for those in need. Just remember, broken wings will only come back stronger, so let yourself fly.

It felt euphoric in the audience, but I felt more euphoric with the idea of being on stage. I felt complete.”

— Je$ on her first concert experience


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